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2021 Giveback at Convention Donation

  • August 10, 2021


  • Thankyou!!
  • This is the average cost of a bike. Thank you!!
  • This is the average cost of a accessory. Thank you!
  • Thankyou!!

For the 2021 Ladies Offroad Network Giveback project we will be assisting 4 Daughter/Mom Teams Build Bikes to learn Mechanics and have the opportunity to go Outside in the Dirt!  The ladies attending the Convention will be separated into 4 groups and will help each Daughter and Mom put the bike together. By the time the team is finished Daughter and Mom will have knowledge on how the bike works, how to fix it if something might happen and have the ability to go outside and RIDE! 

"I have been wanting to put a program together for a long time that included kids and bikes. The concept came to me and I am very excited to watch this program work and grow wings!" ~ Charlene

We need your support!!  To purchase the bikes, helmets and a few cool accessories that are must haves, we do need a budget. This is where we are asking for you to take part in this ~ far and near. The goal for this weekends Convention Giveback is $1000. YES WE CAN! 


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